Vitalis Psychotherapy


But what is psychotherapy after all?

Psychotherapy is a treatment method of problems with emotional nature, in which the psychotherapist will establish a therapeutic relationship with the person seeking for help, allowing the patient to expose his or her difficulties with frankness and freedom, as well as remember and touch on painful memories of their life history.

Based on the scientific knowledge of the psychological development, the psychotherapist formulates interventions that help the patient to become aware of the origin of his or her problem and, with a more adaptive way, to deal with difficult situations.

That way, psychotherapy promotes behavioural alterations and the increase of self-knowledge, leading towards a greater personal and social adaptation, expanding the inner freedom.

Psychotherapy involves an enriching experience, which promotes the personal, emotional and relational development, through which it can also be useful to those who intend to increase their self-knowledge and reflect on themselves, their emotions and relationships.